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About Us

Jack & Associates was formed in 2017 to help other entrepreneurs start their business so that they could enter into the entrepreneurial space to build upon their skills and monetize their expertise. What started out as meeting with prospective business owners in various coffee shops locally has grown into a consulting practice that assist both for-profit and nonprofit clients throughout the United States. We work with entrepreneurs individually, as well as with chambers of commerce and other institutions to provide additional support to their member businesses and organizations.

We take pride in assisting every client because as a passionate business owners ourselves, we understand the courage that it takes to step out and build what it is you envision. Jack & Associates is here to assist you in this endeavor.


Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

We work directly with entrepreneurs and small business owners throughout the United States to help start, manage and grow their enterprise.


Chambers of Commerce & 

Economic Development Agencies 

We work with business support organizations to offer assistance to their business membership base and other businesses within their respective region. We also partner with these organizations on special economic development projects geared toward entrepreneurship.

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