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Section 1: Owner Information

Section 2: Business Information

Section 3: Registered Agent

A registered agent is a person or company that accepts important documents that are required to be served in-person on behalf of the company. These documents might be tax notifications or service of process papers that are served during a legal matter. For this reason, each state requires the registered agent to be located within the state in which the company is formed. The registered agent must be listed on the filing.

If you live in the state that you are forming the business in, you can serve as your own registered agent.

If you, or someone you know, does not live in the state that the business will be formed, you can use our subsidiary, Jack Executive Management as your LLC's registered agent. We can serve as registered agents in in Louisiana, Texas, Florida or Georgia. The fee for our company to serve as the registered agent is $120/year (or $10/m).

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Section 3: State Filing Fees & Payment

Each state's Secretary of State's office charges a LLC filing fee to register the business entity. We collect this fee so that we can pay it when the application is submitted.


Our company charges $165 to complete and submit the filing, regardless of the state. Both the state filing fee and our company fee is included in the prices below.


Please select the state the you are forming your LLC in:

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